Miracle House of Hope Ministries
"Developing Strength Through Jesus Christ"
   Welcome to the Miracle House of Hope!!!
     The Miracle House of Hope Ministries is in the process of  
updating our website. We are grateful for all the contributions and
prayers. Often times, when you are doing a work such as the
Miracle House of Hope, you will find negative reviews from the
media, along with the positive. Our primary focus is on the those
who are enslaved by illicit drugs and/or alcohol, those who are
homeless, the lost and destroyed. We
also cater to battered women
and men who have children that need and depend on their support.
    We teach every individual how to develop strength though
fellowshipping with Jesus Christ. We exhibit love, patience and
compassion for one another. We ask that you don't stand in
judgement when you see our clients who are trying to seek Christ
through humility and obedience to the word of God, for we are in
the will of God....praying for deliverance.
 Take the time to listen
to their testimonies and share with you, why they are at the Miracle
House of Hope.  Everyday that we are alive, gives each and
everyone of us the opportunity to deny ourselves and follow
 Every flyer that is passed out, not only offers restoration.
Salvation is offered and you are able to accept Christ right where
you stand and receive mercy from our Lord and Savior; Jesus
Christ!!  We believe that God c
an do anything....but fail.   We
know that if God be for us.....HE IS MORE THAN THE WHOLE

Help the Miracle House of Hope by sending your charitable
donations to:   Miracle House of Hope
                     P.O. Box 31214
                     Charlotte, NC 20231-1214
For donations & more info...(704) 430-5392
Email address:  Miraclehouseministries@yahoo.com

Thank you for your continued prayers and contributions.
May God continue to bless and keep you in His care.  
Blessings to You!

Pastor Bruce Little (Founder/Pastor) & Lady Sandra Little